I went to Harlem yesterday to scout locations for my book.  I wanted to walk the streets my character walks and it was great.  Harlem is a wonderful community and culture is everywhere.  People have their won businesses, there are artists there and new shops ( the mainstream) type.  I discovered where I character goes for her first date and where they go out to eat afterwards.  I know where her boyfriend lives and what schools the girls in her neighborhood go to.  It was great.

I met up with one of the guys from plentyoffish too.  Gerry the musician.  We didn’t get to talk too long but he’s attractive and seems nice.  Of course I haven’t heard from Jeremy now. These guys are so lame.  I can’t take it seriously.  Anyway back to Harlem.

Great food.  I went to this cupcake shop and it was yummy.  I think Dominque disappears from Morningside Park but there was a bigger park that I should check out.  Neadless to say it was pretty exciting.